William N. Butos

Department of Economics

Trinity College

Hartford, CT





My research interests are in monetary theory and policy, business cycles, the economics of science, and Austrian economics.  Links to my publications and academic CV are provided below. I have taught in the Department of Economics at Trinity College since 1981, offering on a regular basis courses on the Principles of Economics, The History of Economic Thought, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Money & Banking, and a variety of Senior Seminars including The Development of Monetary Theory and Policy, Alternative Monetary Regimes, and Nobel Economics Laureates.  I have also taught a seminar on "Modern Classical Liberalism" in Trinity College's First-Year Program and regularly offer a seminar on monetary economics in the College's M.A. Program, where I also serve as co-Director and Graduate Advisor.  Links to Trinity College and my courses are provided below.

I am a Faculty Fellow of the New York University Austrian Economics Program and a past President of the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics (SDAE).  I am also affiliated with the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Private Enterprise.




Email: william.butos@trincoll.edu



That's me at Rouen (2002) and my wife Cindy and our son John at a Bates College rugby game (2003)